I believe that the core of effective marketing is letting the unique heart of your story

connect & resonate with readers in an authentic, professional way.


It’s not just about making a sale—it’s building a lasting community. 


Let me help you make that magic!


"Working with Kara as my Marketing Assistant for the past year has been amazing. She really listens to what you have to say and also graciously contributes her own ideas, taking capable ownership of different projects. She brings a lot of skills to the table—whether it be graphic design or insights about the publishing industry. Kara understands that at the heart of effective marketing is a community of dedicated fans and uses effective strategies to authentically create connections and sales. I highly recommend her services and would be happy to talk to anyone considering using her services as well."


— Katie Phillips, award-winning author, fiction editor, and coach. 


Author Coaching [$35 per Half-Hour Long Call, or $65 for Hour-Long]


  • Want to weave that magic back into your career?

Let me help you identify what truly makes your novel stand out, utilizing powerful storytelling as I walk with you through the publishing journey. Tailored to your specific needs, I offer support in everything from brainstorming, developing your voice, creating healthy habits to stay in the game long-term, to navigating aspects of the publishing industry and anything else you may need.

I believe you can do this—but you don’t have to do it alone.

Marketing Coaching [$35 per Half-Hour Long Call, or $65 for Hour-Long]

  • How do you reach your audience in an authentic, natural way—that doesn’t feel plastic and stressful?

That’s where I come in.

I offer a one-on-one, hour-long call to discuss aspects of marketing and how to help you effectively convey your message. Tailored to individual needs, we can touch on everything from branding, utilizing Instagram and Facebook, to creating an effective book launch, or whatever you specifically need.


I love marketing. I’m passionate about the process of making connections and conveying a message in a vibrant, striking and authentic way. I also love staying on top of the industry trends and keeping up with the most effective long-term marketing techniques.


I know a lot of authors love using their words on paper—but marketing isn’t always applicable for their season of life, or the best use of their gifts.


Let me take that weight off your shoulders.


I have various package options for Marketing Assistant duties, and I also can work on tailored packages depending on what you need. All packages are geared toward creating a professional, authentic marketing brand that suits you.


My hourly rate is $25, but I schedule my rates according to monthly work allotments.



1) Choose your package

2) We will start with out a monthly 30-minute Marketing Consult call (included in each package) and discuss how I can best tailor my services to your unique author marketing needs.

3) I will invoice you for the month using PayPal.

4) I will work up a social media schedule for the month, including images and post copy. I will develop any other the other aspects of the package (such as newsletter, website, etc). Once I have the schedule and agreed-on aspects finalized, I will send the schedule and drafts to you for final proof.

5) I will schedule the posts in advance, as well as implement any of the other package elements (send off the newsletter, prepare for book launch, etc).


BASIC - $200 / Month

  • 3 Posts / Week [12 / month]


  • 3 Graphic Designed Images [12 graphics / month]


  • Posted across 3 platforms [for example—Facebook, Instagram, Twitter]

  • Monthly 30-minute Marketing Consult


ADVANCED - $350 / Month

  • 5 Posts / Week [20 / Month]

  • 5 Graphic Designed Images [20 graphics / Month]

  • 3 Shared Posts [for example—three posts shared on a facebook page per week]

  • Monthly 30-minute Marketing Consult

  • Website Check Up [Basic Upkeep]


DELUXE - $500 / Month

  • 5 Posts / Week

  • 5 Graphic Designed images / Week [20 graphics / Month]

  • 3 Shared Posts [for example—three posts shared on a facebook page per week]

  • Monthly 30-minute Marketing Consult

  • Website Check Up [Basic Upkeep]


  • Instagram Theme Help


  • Newsletter [Basic design package / 1 hour a month]


  • Book Promo

  • Commenting / Interacting [Basic upkeep and commenting what you would]


ADD ONS [Could add these onto any of the other packages. These are built into the Deluxe package]

  • Monthly 30-minute Marketing Consult - + $35/Month

  • Website Check Up [Basic Upkeep] - + $20 / Month

  • Instagram Theme Help - + $35 / Month

  • Newsletter [Basic design package] - + $35 / Month

  • Book Promo - + $50 / Month


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