STATUS: Complete


GENRE: YA Paranormal/Supernatural/Urban Fantasy

WORDCOUNT: 120,000 words



Noel Skyridge was born with a pair of wings on her back and a destiny to destroy the world on her shoulders–but she has other plans. 


As the daughter of a fallen angel, Noel has had one rule drilled into her: don’t get caught. There is no right or wrong, only the punishment for getting found out. However, things have begun to change. Even though she is fated to play a pivotal role in the supernatural battle waging around her, Noel wonders if all along she has been on the wrong side of this war. Desperate to escape her father’s cruelty, Noel will have to trust the very beings she has been taught to hate: the angels.

STATUS: Second Draft


GENRE: YA Fairytale Retelling (Peter Pan)

WORDCOUNT: 120,000



She grew up too fast. He never did. They'll have to form an unsteady trust if they hope to survive long enough to reach Neverland.

Claire thought Peter Pan was a myth, just a bedtime story that she told her brother when they were young to take his nightmares away—but she could never find solace in a fairytale. Working her fingers to the bone at any job she could, the teen girl struggled to survive alongside her twin brother, Connor, who’s mysterious abilities made it even more difficult for them to stay in one place. And the shimmering dust on her fingertips? Nonsense that she was determined to suppress. Then Connor disappeared. Kidnapped. And the person responsible was the last thing Claire wanted to believe in. But, her childhood had finally come to haunt her. Peter Pan had returned.

STATUS: Complete


GENRE: Science Fiction/Dystopian/YA

WORDCOUNT: 80,000 words



Kyira Reeves' world is a lie.

All her life she has been taught to treasure freedom, harmony and uniqueness. All her life she has been an unknowing captive to indifference. Built by slaves, her city of Daeroon has stifled all individuality. No books. No adventures. No talk of Earth.


Even Kyira’s very identity is false.


When Kyira Reeves becomes a Sentry of Daeroon, she accepts an esteemed position that will change both her life and the fate of Daeroon forever. As a Sentry, Kyira guards slaves whose forced labor her city depends upon. While patrolling the workers, she discovers that certain war is looming. Swept up in a web of danger and intrigue, Kyira uncovers secrets about herself and the world around her that will lead to a final clash unlike anything that the people of Daeroon could ever expect.

STATUS: Outlining


GENRE: YA Epic Fantasy

WORDCOUNT: Est. 100,000 words



Does it take a monster to defeat one? Or will the darkness be their undoing?


He decimated her tribe in a biological war. Destroyed the mystical forest she calls home. Yet Tryllace sees himself as her rescuer, returning to deliver the girl who once showed him mercy when they were children—the girl he claims to love.


When the young emperor demands her hand in marriage, Lania accepts. What better way to tear down this monster’s kingdom than from the inside out? Within his court, she becomes a spy for a rebellion called the Aederr, determined to overthrow him, and hoping they can help her find a cure for the disease Tryllace has unleashed upon her people. But as Lania makes her way deeper into the Aederr’s machinations, she finds herself falling for the man she is trying to destroy—and discovers answers that shake her to her core. About the nature of the disease. And who is truly behind it.


Perhaps Tryllace is not the monster after all. Perhaps it is the Aederr…

Or Lania herself.

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